📜What is GoodGhosting?

the first decentralized savings platform which rewards good financial habits

GoodGhosting is on a mission to make saving easy, fun and rewarding. Our first product is a social savings game that uses blockchain technology to reward dedicated savers. We believe in a world where saving is simple and everyone can benefit from it. With GoodGhosting, you'll have the tools you need to reach your financial goals!

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Welcome to GoodGhosting, the DeFi savings game that lets you compete with others for higher interest rates! Join our shared pools by depositing digital assets like stablecoins or ETH, and earn a slice of the pool's interest and rewards when you hit your financial goals. Players that make all their deposits share in the rewards. Players that missed a deposit can still get their initial deposit back (in most cases) but do not earn any interest nor additional rewards. So the more people drop out, the greater the returns for the winners who hit their goals. For once, getting ghosted isn't such a bad thing!

Need help or want to chat?

Please join the GoodGhosting community Discord server. The team and community look forward to helping you understand and master the use of GoodGhosting.

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