Connect on Celo

Step-by-step instructions for your first deposit into #DedicatedDeFi!
We make use of the Celo mobile-first blockchain (PoS) to run our Celo Savings Pools

What is Celo?

Celo is a mobile optimized blockchain offering an accessible suite of financial tools to anyone with a cellphone or computer. Celo’s purpose is to empower anyone anywhere in the world to have access to financial services.
Celo is a proof-of-stake blockchain. In comparison to Proof of Work systems like Bitcoin and Ethereum, this means that users can make transactions that are cheaper, faster, and whose outcome cannot be changed once complete. Celo is EVM-compatible.
To learn more about Celo click here or here.

Connecting to GoodGhosting on Celo

To access our game, you will need a Web3-enabled wallet, browser or mobile app that can connect to Celo.
Supported wallets
  • MetaMask (preferred desktop app)
  • Valora (preferred mobile app)
  • Ledger hardware wallet
  • Celo Extension Wallet
  • Metamask Mobile
Our service is available through our homepage You will be redirected to the game interface page when clicking on Our saving pools or POOLS.

A1. Connect your Metamask wallet

‌Connect by clicking the following button on the game interface:‌
If it's your first time accessing GoodGhosting, your browser will ask you to connect:
Generally, we advise to select "MetaMask" if you are accessing the website from a laptop or desktop.
If it's your first time accessing GoodGhosting, your wallet will ask you to connect:
Select the relevant account in MetaMask and click on Next.
Click on Connect. You will only have to do this once.
Great, you're almost there! You can skip to section B below, unless you'd like to learn about Valora connection as well.

A2. Connect your Valora wallet

‌Connect by clicking the following button on the game interface:‌
Let's check out how to connect with the Valora wallet app this time:
Valora this time fren!
Valora has now launched their mobile wallet app. Check out this short video guide on connecting with the Valora wallet app to the GoodGhosting platform.

B. Connecting your wallet to the Celo network

In case your wallet is still connected to another network (e.g. Ethereum, Polygon or BSC), you will be asked to change the network in your wallet. This can be done by clicking the following button in the user interface:
Click on "Switch to the Celo Network".
Alternatively, you can follow this guide to manually set up MetaMask for Celo.
Great your wallet has now been set up, and you're connected to the GoodGhosting dashboard! If the dashboard does not show up automatically, refresh the page.

Making your first deposit

If there is an ongoing game that you are able to join, you will see a dashboard similar to this:
Before proceeding, make sure you hold enough cUSD, or alternate game token, in your wallet to complete the game, as well as some CELO. See our guide on how to obtain both.
To proceed, simply click on "Join this game"
This will pop-up the Pool Rules. Read these carefully. These might differ between games.
Congratulations! You made it fren! Gameplay and withdrawal instructions are the same as the Polygon instructions. See "Connect on Polygon" for additional details.