🍀Celo Savings Pools (v1)

A no-loss savings game running on the Celo blockchain

We have launched our first savings pools on the Celo network, during Q3 2021.


Compete with other savers and get higher interest rates than what you would earn by yourself. You can join our shared savings pools by depositing a fixed amount of cUSD stablecoin or Celo token into our smart contract. Regularly add to your savings based on the pools decided frequency to earn additional rewards. All of this is achieved without risking your initial deposit. By making all your deposits, you earn a slice of the pool’s generated interest. Players that miss a deposit will receive their initial deposit back, but do not earn any interest. So the more people drop out, the greater the returns for the winners! 👻 💸

The savings pools can be viewed and entered through our homepage, http://goodghosting.com/ via a Web3-enabled wallet such as MetaMask or Valora.

Pooled funds are deposited into a decentralized savings account powered by Moola, earning higher lending interest than in traditional finance. We may also provide additional incentives for our users through prize matching by some of our great sponsors. 🏆


🕹️Game Mechanics v1 (technical)

How to

👉Connect on Celo👉Obtaining Celo assets cUSD/cEUR/cREAL/CELO/...

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