GoodGhosting v2

GoodGhosting helps you to make saving easy, fun and rewarding. We create social savings games that use blockchain technology to reward dedicated savers. We are all about improving your financial habits by helping you to save and invest.


One year after launching the first version of GoodGhosting, we are excited to announce the second version. We improved the protocol to make it more fair and rewarding for regular savers, and added more pool types.
We now support a wider range of digital assets and yield strategies. Additionally, we introduce new pool concepts such as the HODL pool which rewards long-term asset holding. Any community can now enjoy the benefits of GoodGhosting. Encourage your members to stack and hold any ERC-20 token on Polygon or Celo.
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What's new?

More yield strategies
Savings pools can now be deployed with one of our many yield strategies. The strategy will be chosen and fixed at the time of pool deployment. This means you can now choose to join pools in various risk categories, and save in different currencies.
Support for a wider range of digital currencies (any ERC-20)
We now support the creation of savings pool with a wider range of digital assets. Due to our integrations with external platforms (like Aave, Moola, Mobius and Curve) we can generate yield for 20+ assets. These include both stablecoins and more volatile assets. Additionally, we are no longer restricted to assets that are available on lending markets. We can now deploy savings pools without any yield generation. In theory, we can support most of the available ERC-20 tokens on Polygon and Celo.
Flexible deposit amounts for each player (optional)
Some pools will allow for flexible deposit amounts. When enabled, everyone can decide how much they want to deposit into a GoodGhosting pool. This means you can now choose the total amount of money you would like to save, that fits most to your needs.
Once you join the pool with a specific deposit amount, all next deposits in that pool will have to be of the same amount. There will be a deposit limit for each player. This functionality will be enabled on a pool-by-pool basis, at time of pool deployment.
Flexible deposit round and waiting round lengths (optional)
Deposit rounds can now have a different duration than the final waiting round in a pool. This allows for novel pool concepts with interesting dynamics. e.g. a HODL pool - where one or more deposit rounds are followed by a longer waiting round (before full withdrawal is possible). This makes it easier for someone to commit to long-term holding a certain token. It also reduces the number of smart contract interactions.
Early depositors get rewarded more fairly
Reward distributions are now taking into account the total time (and amount) a user has deposited into a savings pool. The sooner a player deposits in each segment, the bigger their share of the pool's generated interest and rewards. Thereby increasing fairness to all depositors.

What's the same as in v1?

Rewarding recurring users via financial gamification
The core concept of GoodGhosting remains the same. We use game-design elements to reward users who hit their savings target (i.e. winners) more so than users who do not. Players can join a savings pool with other players that share the same goal. To win, players need to make a deposit into the saving pool every round, prior to the round’s deadline. By making all your deposits, you earn a slice of the pool’s rewards! For all yield-generating strategies, the generated yield will be shared proportionally with all winning players in the pool. Hence, the more people that do not hit their savings target, the greater the rewards for the winners! 👻 💸 In our low risk pools, players that miss a deposit can still get their initial deposit back at the end of the pool. These pools can be considered no-loss. Pools create a social, gamified and incentivised environment to save.
Savings pools have a fixed duration
Each savings game runs for a fixed amount of time. There are one or more deposit rounds (where you deposit a specific asset into the savings pool smart contract), followed by a single waiting round. The duration of both the deposit and waiting round are determined at time of pool creation. This means each pool has a predictable fixed end date. After which you can withdraw your funds and earned rewards (with no time limit).
Deposit and withdrawals take place in the same currency
You will always receive back the same type of currency (i.e. digital token) that was used for depositing in the pool. Even though our advanced yield strategies may have exposure to different assets, this is abstracted away by automatically swapping in- and out of the necessary assets.

Find out about all details on our Github: