GoodGhosting v2

GoodGhosting helps you to make saving easy, fun and rewarding. We create social savings games that use blockchain technology to reward dedicated savers. We are all about improving your financial habits by helping you to save and invest.


One year after launching the first version of GoodGhosting, we are excited to announce the second version. We improved the protocol to make it more fair and rewarding for regular savers, and added more pool types.
We now support a wider range of digital assets and yield strategies. Additionally, we introduce new pool concepts such as the HODL pool which rewards long-term asset holding. Any community can now enjoy the benefits of GoodGhosting. Encourage your members to stack and hold any ERC-20 token on Polygon or Celo.
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What's new?

More yield strategies
Support for a wider range of digital currencies (any ERC-20)
Flexible deposit amounts for each player (optional)
Flexible deposit round and waiting round lengths (optional)
Early depositors get rewarded more fairly

What's the same as in v1?

Rewarding recurring users via financial gamification
Savings pools have a fixed duration
Deposit and withdrawals take place in the same currency

Find out about all details on our Github: