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to GoodGhosting
We made use of the Polygon "Matic PoS Chain" to run our Genesis Savings Pool and some of our exclusive community savings pools.

What is Polygon?

Polygon is a scaling solution for public blockchains, including Ethereum. It allows for user and developers to make use of the available Ethereum tooling (such as MetaMask and smart contracts) along with faster and cheaper transactions.
The Polygon Matic PoS Chain is an EVM-compatible sidechain, secured by a permissionless set of PoS validators and checkpoints submitted to Ethereum. Hence, it also partly depends on Ethereum's security. It is sometimes defined as a commit-chain. Click here for a great visual technical explainer.
Digital tokens can easily be bridged between Polygon and mainnet Ethereum. See our guides.

Connecting to GoodGhosting on Polygon

To access our game, you will need a Web3-enabled wallet, browser or mobile app that can connect to Polygon.

Supported wallets

Our service is available through our homepage You will be redirected to the game interface page when selecting a game from the Pools page.
Watch the video tutorial, or check out the written guide below.
If it's your first time accessing GoodGhosting, your wallet will ask you to connect:
Select the relevant account in MetaMask and click on Next.
Click on Connect. You will only have to do this once.
Great, you're almost there!

B. Connecting your wallet to Polygon (Matic) network

In case your wallet is still connected to another network (e.g. Ethereum Mainnet or BSC), you will be asked to change the network in your wallet. This can be done by clicking the following button in the user interface:
Clicking this button will prompt your wallet (e.g. Metamask) to add and/or switch networks.
Click on Approve to add Polygon to your network list. You will only have to do this once.
Click on "Switch network" to automatically connect to Polygon.
Alternatively, to change networks you can use this handy tool (type in "Matic Mainnet" and click on "Connect Wallet") or follow this guide.
Great your wallet has now been set up, and you're connected to the GoodGhosting dashboard! If the dashboard does not show up automatically, refresh the page.

Making your first deposit

If there is an ongoing game that you are allowed to join, you should see a dashboard similar to this:
Example dashboard view.
Before proceeding, make sure you hold enough DAI in your wallet to complete the game, as well as some MATIC. See our guide on how to obtain both.
To proceed, simply click on "Join this game"
This will pop-up the Pool Rules. Read these carefully. These might differ between games.
Click on "Join the pool" to make the actual deposit in the saving pool.
⚠️ You will need to confirm two transactions in your wallet.⚠️

1. Confirm Approval

This allow GoodGhosting to spend your DAI, on your behalf.
Scroll down and click on Confirm.
Click on Confirm.

2. Make the actual deposit

Click Confirm
Once the transaction confirms, you should see the following screen pop-up:
After closing the pop-up, you will notice your Player Profile on the left side of the screen.
Keep an eye out on the timer, so you know when your next deposit is due.
You might have to refresh the page for this to display correctly.

3. Making a continuing deposit

After you have already entered a game, this is the key to victory. You must hit all regularly scheduled game deposits in order to win. If you miss this continuing deposit, you will become a Ghost.

Using the Early Withdrawal feature

Sometimes circumstances change. We understand that. You are never stuck or trapped in a timeline once you enter a GoodGhosting savings pool. We do offer an Early Withdrawal feature in case you need to exit early. There is a very small penalty associated with this to help incentivize players to stay the entire game length.

4. Making The Winning Withdrawal

Did you make it all the way, anon? Congratulations on #EndingBoringSavings!
The collateral you deposited plus the earned interest is available for withdrawal after winning. This means you hit all required deposits and then cooled down during the waiting round. Now it's time to collect your success. Any additional prizes or NFTs are directly distributed by GoodGhosting or our partners. Check out how to see your NFTs.

OPTIONAL: Change your profile picture and display name via 3Box

If you want to display your own username and avatar in the GoodGhosting interface, please follow these steps. If not, you will get assigned a random robot avatar.
Go to and click on ‘Login’. You will be asked to sign one or more transactions in your wallet. This will link your Polygon address to a 3Box profile. Then, you can chose your username and avatar after clicking on ‘Add name’.
Click on Log In and check your wallet for instructions.
Click on ‘Add name’ to add an avatar and username, which will be displayed in GoodGhosting.
After filling in your details, click on "Save" and return to the GoodGhosting page.
Note: this data is stored publicly, and profiles are available for all to see. If you rather not create a 3Box profile, this is fine too.

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