This is still beta software using experimental blockchain technology. There might be occasional bugs in the user interface or issues with third-party providers. We have listed some known issues - and solutions - on this page.


Try refreshing the page, and connecting your wallet again. This often solves the problem.

In case your transactions take a long time to confirm, try to speed up your transaction. You can do this by opening your wallet, clicking on "Speed Up" and increasing the gas price to (at least) 30 Gwei minimum floor, as of 12-9-21.
Click on Speed Up
Enter a higher Gas Price and click on Save. Wait a minute for your transaction to confirm. THERE IS A 30 GWEI MINIMUM REQUIREMENT CURRENTLY AS OF 12-9-2021.
If this does not help - or you get a rate limited error - try changing your RPC endpoint. If you are using MetaMask you can use this guide, and input on of the following RPC endpoints: or or or or
Example RPC settings in Metamask

If there is any other issue not covered here, or the suggested solution does not work for you, please join the #⛑️-tech-support channel in the GoodGosting community Discord server for assistance. The team and community look forward to helping you fix your problem and use GoodGhosting.
Be also sure to check out our user guides on YouTube:
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