👀Our Vision

The GoodGhosting team believes in a world where saving is rewarding, easy and fun. The problem with traditional savings methods is that they are often boring, poorly rewarded and not easily accessible.

We are building engaging applications to help our community develop good financial habits while having fun at the same time. For our first product, we are applying game design elements to the context of goal-based savings. This gamified approach rewards dedicated savers who reach their set goals more so than users who do not, therefore giving them the ultimate push to save. Rewards are generated using existing decentralized finance (DeFi) platforms, such as Aave or Curve, in a non-custodial manner, allowing users to attain full control over their deposits. You can think of GoodGhosting as a social savings game, built on top of blockchain technology.

Our ultimate aim is to provide the infrastructure to help build your own goal-based savings games to play with family and friends, as well as join games created by others from around the world. All of this is achieved while maintaining user safety, accessibility and decentralization as top priorities. Say hello to sexy savings, brought to you by the magic of DeFi and gamification!

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