Guarded launch
The GoodGhosting team shares a philosophy of building for real users. As such, we have launched a stripped down - yet fully functional - product during the summer of 2021. This minimum viable product (MVP) allowed us to test our savings concept with actual users, and gain valuable feedback to iterate and improve. The functionality of our MVP embodies our vision of a gamified application that rewards regular contributors, albeit in a stripped down version.
We have an ongoing guarded launch on both the Polygon and Celo networks, with a limited number of users.

How does it work?

We have chosen to do a guarded launch where we limit the number of users as well as the deposit amount per user. We intentionally limited the functionality of the system, to limit the risk and scale at the launch. This will allow us to more easily and safely improve the game mechanics and user interface going forward. We will gradually deploy new code and tweaks to the game parameters and smart contracts. Safety is our top priority during this process. Expect more advanced games in the future!
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