👉Obtaining Celo assets cUSD/cEUR/cREAL/CELO/...

To take part in our Celo Savings Pools, you will need some cUSD, as well as a small amount of CELO to pay for transaction fees. At the time of writing, 0.05 CELO is sufficient.

How to obtain CELO

Acquiring and withdrawing from Centralized Exchange

CELO is listed on several exchanges worldwide, such as Binance, Coinbase, KuCoin, Bittrex, Huobi, Gate.io, Upbit and OKX See the full list. You should be able to withdraw the CELO into your own personal wallet.

Buying through our 'Buy Crypto' page (powered by Ramp)

Go to https://goodghosting.com/#/buy and start buying and selling CELO in minutes! Use your favorite payment method like Apple Pay, Google Pay, Revolut, credit card or bank transfer via our integration with Ramp. You can also sell crypto to quickly top up your credit or debit card.

Use a Gas Station to bypass centralized providers

Tools like https://o3swap.com/gas-station or Via Router (Refuel) can be used to swap an asset on Polygon, for CELO tokens on Celo. This will get you the gas required to pay transaction fees on the Celo chain. This way you can bypass centralized exchanges.

Additional resources here:

How to obtain cUSD/cEUR/cREAL on Celo

Different options

  1. Buy, or mint, directly on Celo via a third-party

    There are multiple service providers that offer the possibility to directly buy Celo network stablecoins into your wallet. For example:

    Make sure to select the 'Celo Network'. Most often you can pay by either a Bank Transfer (e.g. SEPA deposit) or a debit or credit card.

    ⚠ī¸ These are external services - not related to the GoodGhosting project! You will most likely be required to verify your identity and pay a fee for using their service. We'd like to make clear that this is NOT an endorsement or recommendation of any type. ⚠ī¸

  2. Withdraw from a centralized exchange

    cUSD is listed on several exchanges worldwide, such as KuCoin, Huobi, Bittrex and Okcoin. See the full list here. You should be able to withdraw the cUSD into your own personal wallet. cEUR and cREAL are yet only available on a handful of centralized exchanges.

  3. Bridge tokens from Polygon/Ethereum/Solana/... to Celo 🌉 and swap into cUSD.

    If you already hold digital tokens on Polygon, Ethereum, Optimism, Arbitrum, BNB, Solana or other chains, you can move them to Celo.

    You can use the O3 Swap bridge or Celo Tracker to go directly from USDC on Polygon, to cUSD on Celo. Alternatively, you can use the official Wormhole bridge (preferred) or Optics bridges.

After bridging you will often have to swap the bridged token into cUSD. And then swap the bridged assets through Mobius, Uniswap or CeloTracker. See next option. 4. Swap on a decentralized exchange on Celo 🔄

If you already hold other assets on Celo (e.g. CELO or cUSDC or USDCet or cETH or pUDSC or another token), you can use the Mobius, Uniswap, CeloTracker or Mobius exchanges to easily swap them for cUSD. You will need a very small amount of CELO to pay for the (negligible) transaction costs.

How to obtain CELO-ETHIX LP tokens

Our EthicHub pool uses ETHIX-CELO LP tokens, which can be acquired here on the Symmetric exchange. We made a quick how-to video to show you the process to acquire these. Snippet:

Full video

For your convenience, we listed above some external guides, tools, providers and platforms that may help you to learn more about how to obtain cUSD and CELO on Celo. GoodGhosting has no relationship and does not recommend nor endorse any of the external parties listed above. Remember to do your own research and make sure you understand the risks involved before engaging with any external party.

The GoodGhosting platform shall not be held responsible or liable, at any time, for any actions you decide to take while engaging with the external parties listed above, or consequences resulting from such actions, as for example, but not limited to, losses of funds, fees, charges, personal data loss or theft, etc.

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