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On the way to savings enlightenment, your GG Score will show your strength.

In v1

I finished a game. What is the deal with the GoodGhosting score (GG score)?

Congratulations! You did it. That's how you end boring savings. Well done fren! 👏🥳

As a symbol of your Dedicated DeFi skills and success, we reward the GoodGhosting Score to savvy savers who complete their savings pools. This was initially a social indicator tracked on our Leaderboard but it continues to evolve. Lately, we use the "GG Score" to create separate tiers for our generously sponsored raffle prizes. There is a "Golden Zone" for each raffle that allows better prizes and higher odds, if your GG score qualifies you. There are rumors of even more utility in the works for the ever important GoodGhosting score. A high score represents discipline, commitment, follow through and time. We will continue to recognize Dedicated DeFi done right.

Raffle, you say?

That's right! After each savings pool is completed, we schedule a community event typically held in our Discord server. We invite our generous pool sponsors to join us as we hold a live raffle to find more winners!

How is the GG score calculated?

Once a savings pool is completely finished (including the final waiting round), The GG score is updated on our website. Climb to the top of the leaderboard, by successfully completing GoodGhosting saving games.

Your GG score is the sum of all your individual pool scores. You only earn a pool score if you successfully complete all deposits in that savings pool.

So before we can calculate your overall GG score, we need a score for individual savings pools. Some pools last longer than others, and some require higher $ value deposits. To take into account these differences, we calculate each GG pool score as its duration (in weeks) multiplied by the total value of all deposits required. So the more funds you deposit to the GoodGhosting protocol, the higher your score will be. For special games and events, bonus points are available! 👀

The GG score of each savings pool is indicated on our website, and in our Medium announcement blogs.

See also the GG score announcement blog:

In v2

We will be revamping the GG score calculation for GoodGhosting v2. Especially for pools that have flexible deposit amounts.

More info coming

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