What is GoodGhosting?
a decentralized saving pool which rewards regular saving
We are builders by nature and as such, we prefer to let our code speak for itself. However, sometimes it helps to see things worked out on paper. Here we provide detailed information about GoodGhosting and the unique solutions it provides for savers.


GoodGhosting is a DeFi savings game. Compete with others and get higher interest rates than what you would earn by yourself, all without risking your initial deposit. Join our shared savings pools by depositing digital on-chain assets, such as stablecoins or Ethereum. Achieve all game deposits to survive the entire timeline and win. Feel proud as your balance grows and you hit your financial goals!
By making all your deposits, you earn a slice of the pool’s interest and extra rewards! Players that missed a deposit deadline still get their initial deposit back but do not earn any interest nor additional rewards. So the more people drop out, the greater the returns for the winners who hit their goals. For once, getting Ghosted isn't such a bad thing!

Need help or want to chat?

Please join the GoodGhosting community Discord server. The team and community look forward to helping you understand and master the use of GoodGhosting.
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